The Pipit Nest
is the illustrative art (and glimmering soon, songs) of Pippa Kate Isabella Chorley.
Here you will find the magical and mystical beings of the earth's enchanted woodlands, nature, and starry skies.
Will ye dream~drift awhile, with emerald leaf tea, cloudberries and paint~bejewelled moondust?

NEWS ~ tales of now and tales twinkling on the horizon!

The wonderdusted Woodland Trust knights in emerald armour have a blissful Creative Campaigning corner, cauldron swirling with art, music, creative writing and film... The Pipit Nest paintings are nestled there from today and Pippa is over the moon! They are a magical organisation protecting England's beautiful emerald guardians. Thank you a thousand moonfuls Woodland Trust!

Greven i gryta, Theatre group in Trondheim, Summer 2011
Illustrator Line Lorna Grytvik Tessem and I are conjuring an enormous book of faerytale scenery for the group's street performances in Summer...

Den Magiske Skogen, Trondheim, October 2011...


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